Welcome to the web page of the Spin Caloritronics X conference to be held in the wonderful city of Groningen in the Netherlands from May 20 to May 24, 2019, with an arrival meet-and-greet on May 19. During this conference, we would like to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Spin Caloritronics conference series by meeting researchers from different spintronic research fields with overlap to spin caloritronics, such as magnonics, skyrmionics, spin orbitronics, and so on. Presentations will be given by experts from these fields as well as young talented scientists talking about their recent research development. The nice town of Groningen provides a great atmosphere for research exchange and networking at the conference venue and also in downtown Groningen. Beside the scientific discussions, we will also talk about the present and future developments of spin caloritronics in general.

You can find information about venue and reserved hotel contingents on this web page as well as a registration form to join the conference. A list of invited speakers will be added soon.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Groningen!

Best regards,
Timo Kuschel and Bart J. van Wees